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Scholarship for the National Congress


Annual Scholarships for CNU25.Seattle


2017 Updates

The Congress for the New Urbanism, DC Chapter (CNUdc) is pleased to announce it will award scholarships to attend the annual Congress for New Urbanism (CNU) Congress again this year. CNUdc is pleased that they are able to continue this tradition from the last fourteen years the Chapter has been serving the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland area. This year's Congress will take place May 3 - 6, 2017 in Seattle, Washington. The annual event brings together over 1,500 individuals from North America and around the world for four days of education, collaboration, discussion, and debate on the policies, designs, and emerging approaches that create great places.
This year CNUdc will be awarding up to 2 scholarships to current students and recent graduates (within 5 years) who apply from Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.  Each scholarship award will cover the cost of Congress registration as well as a stipend for travel and lodging. 


At this year’s Congress, CNU will celebrate the last quartercentury—while looking forward to the future of building sustainable, equitable, livable places.
In Seattle, the future of America’s cities is unfolding. A rapidly expanding transit network runs through green, dense neighborhoods full of historic homes and local businesses. A thriving startup economy sparks innovation in tech and civic spaces. Surrounding it all, Puget Sound and the Cascade and Olympic Mountain Ranges provide a constant bridge to the natural world. Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are creating the next frontier of urbanist innovation. But as the pace of change quickens, the region is struggling to maintain its affordability, character, and pioneer spirit.


Scholarship Eligibility

Those eligible for a scholarship will be graduate-level or professional degree students in DC, Maryland, or Virginia or recent graduates (within the last five years) who are now working in DC, Maryland, or Virginia.
Eligible Student scholarship recipients will be enrolled in a university in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia who have an interest in urbanism and are studying a field that impacts the built environment. This could include students studying architecture, planning, preservation, transportation, health, public policy/ government, business/economics, real estate/ finance, law or associated fields.  
Recent graduates within the last five years from the same fields above are also eligible for a scholarship.  They must now be working in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia but can be a graduate of any university.  
Previous scholarship winners are ineligible to receive a second scholarship.




Interested candidates shall submit one (1) max 500-word essay with 4-10 images that illustrate an observation, precedent, solution, implementation and scalability of the following questions.


Eligible candidates must submit their essay to CNUdc no later than Friday, March 24th 2017 at 9pm. Submittals, questions, and comments should be sent via email to CNUdc's secretary, Abbey Oklak. Winning candidates will be notified by Friday, March 31st 2017.



Scholarship Includes

All winners shall receieve:

  • One (1) registration to CNU25.Seattle
    $1075 Travel, lodging and meal stipend 



Additional details

Winners will be required to attend CNUDC’s annual meeting on April 20th, 2017 to give the board and membership information about their studies or job experience and their application essays. Winners will also be required to provide one (1) 500-word essay on a positive experience they had while at the congress, e.g. an informative session, neat interaction, fun activity.
CNUDC will pay the cost of Congress registration directly to the Congress for the New Urbanism on behalf of each scholarship recipient. The stipend will be paid to the recipient following the annual meeting. The recipient can elect to attend a 202 or tour at their own cost to enhance their conference experience.  
Previous scholarship winners are ineligible to receive a second scholarship. CNUDC does not discriminate in the granting of any scholarship on the basis of race, sex, marital status, age, handicap, religion, national origin, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.





  • Explain a negative experience that you have had or observed in an urban environment.  

  • Is there a precedent that might solve this issue ?  If yes, where, when, how ?  

  • Propose a low-cost  'tactical' solution.

  • If the solution is positively received how could it be permanently Implemented ? How ?  

  • How could the solution be scalable, and applied in other places that have a similar negative experience.

*Essay will ideally be two pages front and back with images included.

Past Winners

Marques G King
2016 Recipient

Detroit native Marques King is an architectural and urban designer currently living in Washington, D.C. As a member of CNU and as a design professional Marques is a strong advocate in the design of sustainable and contextual places that are focused on people first. Marques also regularly serves as a design critic at the University of Maryland and educates on sustainable built environments in his personal blog, Studi Group.

Samuel T. Gordon
2016 Recipient

Mr. Gordon graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2016, with a BA in Architectural Studies. Upon beginning his undergraduate career with the intention of becoming an architect, his interests instead began to gravitate more towards urban planning and economic development as a result of taking courses on city sociology and urbanist theory. This career interest was cemented after he attended CNU:24 in Detroit. Mr. Gordon is now serving as a Resilience AmeriCorps VISTA Member in the City of New Orleans' Office of Resilience and Sustainability, working to make New Orleans a healthier, and more environmentally sustainable community. 

Andrea Wise
2016 Recipient
Le An 
2016 Recipient

Andrea Wise is a graduate student at Georgetown University working on a Masters in Urban & Regional Planning. She has a focus in Housing, Community, & Economic Development and is currently interning at the Department of Housing and Community Development through the District Leadership Program. 

Sebastian Dern
2015 Recipient

Mr Dern is a persuing his masters of  Real Estate Development from the University of Maryland. He was a participant on the 2015 winning team for the ULI Hines Competition in Urban Design and Development.

Emily Brown
2014 Recipient

Miss Brown is a recent grad from Georgia Tech's School of City and Regional Planning. She works for the International Economic Development Council in Washington, DC.  


Miss Brown joined the CNUdc board shortly after receiving her scholarship.  

Benjamin Scarbro
2015 Recipient

Mr. Scarbro is an intern architect at Waldon Studio Architects in Washington DC.  He completed his Master’s Degree in Architecture at Judson University, in Illinois, with an emphasis in Traditional Architecture and Urbanism in 2010.

Amee Bearne
2014 Recipient

Mrs. Bearne is a graduate student at the University of Maryland. She is currently working on her Masters of Community Planning and Sustainable Urban design, with an emphasis on historic Preservation.  

Jaclyn Garet
2013 Recipient

Miss Garet is a graduate student from the University of Virginia. She is working on her Masters of Urban and Environmental Planning, Urban Design and Transportation.  

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